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A Guide to Blur Live Recordings

lots and lots of sources and info out there: (most popular w setlist, no reviews) ( Most reviews are quoted from this site) (by name w setlist no reviews) Some reviews but not a lot of info Kling Klang's list: Quality grades, setlists, and some other info Setlists and many boots, No quality info. Lots of other pics and Blur information elsewhere on this site. Breakout has quite a few shows with grades and setlists. Blur forum (official) Webcast of classic shows? (need to check out) Good general discography including singles Some unlisted DATs mainly from 97!! Tape trader network.

There are lots of rarity, b-side, and radio sessions compilations out there.
I did not list them but check the links above to find out about them.

Many of the early releases were by "professional" bootlegs (sold and with covers). Keep in mind that many of the versions tradeable NOW are of CD-R's lineaged from these recordings and some that were never sold at all.

If you know of any good or bad bootlegs NOT reviewed here plz make comments on the main page of my site.

11/11/1990 London, England AUD LOW QUALITY

08/24/91 Reading, England AUD LOW QUALITY

02/15/92 Rennes, London, England SBD?

06/26/92 Roskilde, Denmark SBD?

05/26/94 Shepherd's Bush Empire London England AUD
"Blured", "England 1994"
(Sunday Sunday/Jubilee/Tracy Jacks/She's So High/Girls & Boys/London Loves/Trouble in the Message Centre/Chemical World/Popscene/To The End/Advert/End of a Century/Parklife/There's No Other Way/For Tomorrow/Bank Holiday/This is a Low )

Two complaints about it: There is a little bit of stuttering inbetween the first few tracks which ruins the continuity of the CD, and the ending of the CD is strange because there is 2 minutes of silence after the show ends. The best part of this CD is the quality. It gets kind of patchy at times, but generally it is excellent. There is barely any crowd noise during the songs. Very impressive for a bootleg.

"England 1994" Same show as Blured, but with slightly better quality. In fact, it's practically identical to the other CD with it's stuttering and the silence at the end.

06/26/94 Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury UK FM
"Sawdust Seizures"

(Jubilee/Tracy Jacks/Magic America/End Of A Century/For Tomorrow/Chemical World/There's No Other Way/To The End/Advert/Parklife/Girls & Boys/Bank Holiday/This is a Low)

"Sawdust Seizures"
The Glastonbury 94 and Leeds T&C 94 shows. The best bootleg I've heard so far. The Glasto show is so full of energy and sound, you feel like you're right there.

06/31/94 Town & Country Club, Leeds UK FM?
Filler with-" Sawdust Seizures"

(Lot 105/Jubilee/Girls & Boys/Popscene/Advert/End of a Century/Parklife/Bank Holiday/This is a Low )

"Sawdust Seizures"
The Glastonbury 94 and Leeds T&C 94 shows. The best bootleg I've heard so far. The Glasto show is so full of energy and sound, you feel like you're right there.

09/10/94 New York City, NY
There a few pops between tracks, as well as two tape flips (one after "Badhead," and the other after "Parklife"). Also the sound quality vastly improves after the first tape flip. B quality.

09/15/94 Boston USA
"Blurred Vision"
(Sunday Sunday/Jubilee/Tracy Jacks/Magic America/End of a Century Popscene/For Tomorrow/Chemical World/There's No Other Way/To The End/Advert/Parklife/Supa Shoppa/Girls & Boys/Bank Holiday/This is a Low)

Not very impressive, basically the same live Blur.

10/05/94 Aston Villa Leisure Centre Birmingham England FM
"Aston Villa Parklife", "Sons Of Mod"
Lot 105/Sunday Sunday/Jubilee/Tracy Jacks/Magic America/End of a Century/Popscene/Trouble in the Message Center/She's So High/For Tomorrow/Chemical World/Badhead/There's No Other Way/To the End/Advert/Supa Shoppa/Mr. Robinsons Quango/Parklife (w/ Phil Daniels)/Girls & Boys/Bank Holiday/This is a Low )

A little better than Blurred Vision, but not by much.


10/07/94 Alexandra Palace London UK FM
"Live in Europe"
(Lot 105, Sunday Sunday, Jubilee, Tracy Jacks, Magic America, End Of A Century, Popscene, Trouble In The Message Centre, She's So High, Chemical World, Badhead, There's No Other Way, To The End, Advert, Supa Shoppa, Mr. Robinson's Quango, Parklife, Girls And Boys, Bank Holiday, This Is A Low)


10/10/94 Kantine, Cologne, Germany AUD? Kantinenparty

This CD is good quality, but heavy on the bass and low on crowd noise. This CD is pretty ordinary all around.


11/3/94 Stockholm AUD, "Mr. Robinson's Quango" LOW QUALITY
What really kills this CD is the poor quality. Damon's vocals are very hard to hear except for in the ballads. The only sounds that really come through well are the drums

11/22/94 Factory, Milan Italy AUD "Blackout"
The quality is kind of bad at the beginning but it gets better as the CD goes on. The person who taped this show had their mic too far back because people can be heard talking all the way through. As far as the music goes, it's good.

01/01/1995 Japan AUD LOW QUALITY

06/17/95 Mile End Stadium London FM
"Mile End"(listed as 6/15 as well)

(Tracy Jacks/Sunday, Sunday/Chemical World/End of a Century/Globe Alone/Popscene/Magic America/Country House/Jubilee/To The End/Advert/Girls & Boys/Stereotypes/Far Out/Bank Holiday/For Tomorrow/Parklife (With Phil Daniels)/Daisy Bell (With Phil Daniels)/This is a Low)

The quality of this CD is excellent, and when KTS says "The Ultimate In Quality", it is definitely true.

09/07/95 BBC Radio Theatre, London UK FM
"Secret Gigs and Lots More"

(Topman/Mr. Robinsons Quango/Charmless Man/It Could Be You/Stereotypes/Country House/The Universal/Globe Alone/Popscene)

10/07/95 Toronto, Ontario, Canada FM
"Yellow Clouds"

(The Great Escape/Charmless Man/Popscene/End Of A Century/Mr. Robinson's Quango/Instrumental/To The End/Fade Away/Stereotypes/Supa Shoppa/Girls & Boys/Country House/He Thought Of Cars/Parklife/Globe Alone/The Universal)

Yellow Clouds
This show features the basic set list from the "TGE" tour recorded in excellent quality with complete sound effects, an orchestra, and embellishment as found on Blur's studio material. Although Damon's spirits at the start of the performance sound on the low side, he definitely gets into it by the end of the show.

Overall, the quality of this recording is superior for a bootleg: all instruments have about equal ear space, and the crowd certainly doesn't drown out the music, but are still prominent in between songs. The only drawback to this disc (and a minor one at that) is that the bass was recorded slightly high, which lends a thicker, harder feel to the songs than otherwise

10/19/95 Stockholm source?
Filler on "Entertainment"

Charmless Man/ To The End/ Stereotypes/ Supa Shoppa/ Girls & Boys/ Country House/ This is a Low/ Entertain Me/ Parklife/ The Universal

10/23/95 Hamburg, Germany
"To the End" FM (not complete)

(Charmless Man/Jubilee/London Loves/End of a Century/Tracy Jacks/Mr.Robinson's Quango/To The End/Fade Away/It Could Be You/Stereotypes/Supa Shoppa/Girls & Boys/Advert/Bank Holiday/Country House )
"Entertainment" AUD (complete)
Aud version includes after country House: (This Is A Low, Entertain Me, He Thought Of Cars, Parklife, Coping, Globe Alone, The Universal)

To the End Good quality. Aud version and FM both got A- quality according to Kling Klang.

11/08/95 NHK Hall Budokan Japan SBD
Official (Japanese only import) "Live at The Budokan"
(The Great Escape, Jubilee, Popscene, End Of A Century, Tracy Jacks, Mr. Robinsons Quango, o The End,Fade Away, It Could Be You, Stereotypes, She's So High, Boys & Girls, Advert, Intermission, Bank Holiday ,For Tomorrow, Country House ,This is A Low, Supa Shopper, Yuko & Hiro, He Thought Of Cars, Coping, Globe Alone ,Parklife ,The Universal )

01/26/96 The Fillmore, San Fransisco USA source ?
The Great Live
Tracy Jacks/Sunday Sunday/Chemical World/She's So High/Globe Alone/Country House/To The End/Girls & Boys/Stereotypes/Bank Holiday/Charmless Man/Nite Klub (with Terry Hall, Dublin '96)/Friends of P (with Matt Sharp)

01/27/96 Portland, OR AUD LOW QUALITY
Show is incomplete and has tape hiss. 3 song soundcheck is included.B Quality

01/29/96 San Francisco, CA AUD LOW QUALITY
Recording is bass heavy.B Quality

02/11/96 Avalon Boston MA FM
(1. Intro 2. Popscene 3. It Could Be You 4. Charmless Man 5. Tracy Jacks 6. End Of A Century 7. Coping 8. To The End 9. She's So High 10. Mr. Robinson's Quango 11. Globe Alone 12. Advert 13. Bank Holiday 14. Supa Shoppa 15. Country House 16. Girls & Boys 17. He Thought Of Cars 18. Stereotypes 19. This Is A Low 20. There's No Other Way 21. Parklife 22. The Universal)

There's nothing too special about this CD, it's a pretty average performance.

A Quality grade from Kling Klang and Breakout

03/22/96 Amsterdam, The Netherlands FM
(It Could Be You/Coping/End Of A Century/Tracy Jacks/Charmless Man/Girls & Boys/To The End/He Thought Of Cars/Stereotypes/There's No Other Way)

The quality's good, but this CD only has 10 tracks

Three songs fade out; there is a bit of radio static in "Girls And Boys." There is also an edit in "Girls And Boys" that cuts out the instrumental middle part, but it sounds like this was done in the broadcast.A- Grade

6/22/96 The R.D.S.Dublin, Ireland FM
"Impulse" "Summer"
(Stereotypes/Tracy Jacks/Charmless Man/End of a Century/Chinese Bombs/Mr. Robinson's Quango/ Nightclub/Popscene/Globe Alone/Bank Holiday/This is a Low/Song 2/ Girls & Boys/Country House/He Thought Of Cars/For Tomorrow/ There's No Other Way/Interlude/To The End/Parklife/The Universal )

All the songs may not have been performed the best they've done, but this is the longest single CD bootleg yet, so there is a lot of material to listen to. That plus the great quality makes this CD worth getting.

02/10/97 Astoria Theatre London UK FM (many incorrect dates)
"Beetlemania!", "Stop Dreaming", "Blur Show (2CD)", "Death of a Pop Scene"
(Beetlebum/Song 2/Girls & Boys/Movin' On/Oily Water/Sterotypes/M.O.R/To The End/End of a Century/Popscene/Chinese Bombs/Supa Shoppa/Death of a Party/This is a Low/On Your Own/Parklife/The Universal/Sing )

All in all the faults of the disc are overshadowed by the brilliance of the performance; raw emotion (Sing, Oily Water) is as effervescent as the most spirited of performances (M.O.R., Inertia). The crowd noise is kept to a minimum despite some ever-present handclapping and sing-a-longs that broaden the quality of the disc. This is bootleg recording that recalls the outstanding quality of most of the boots I have heard from the Mile End show and most notably the performance energy of "Entertainment" and "Sawdust Seizures". If it weren't for some shoddy editing and dubbing this would be an outstanding bootleg.

Stop Dreaming Same show as on Beetlemania! but with little breaks inbetween songs. Some intros are trimmed slightly. The quality is great, and the CD is good, but not outstanding.

Death of a Popscene Very good sound quality, but "To The End" has been taken out and some bad editing.

03/19/97 KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic Santa Monica CA FM

04/29/97 MC Vredenberg Utrecht Holland FM short FM
"Live From The Pit"
(Country Sad Ballad Man, M.O.R.,Popscene,Death Of A Party,Song 2,On Your Own)

05/08/97 Peel Acres Cambridge England source?
Popscene, Song 2, On Your Own, Chinese Bombs, Movin' On, M.O.R.)

06/03/97 Tokyo Blitz, Tokyo Japan AUD
"Extra Free"
(CD1: Beetlebum/Movin' On/Jubilee/Stereotypes/Country Sad Ballad Man/M.O.R./To The End/She's So High/Swallows in the Heatwave/Popscene/Chinese Bombs/Advert/Bank Holiday
CD2: Girls & Boys/Beard/Death of a Party/This is a Low/Fried/Song 2/On Your Own/Supa Shoppa/Parklife/Strange News From Another Star/The Universal/Sing)

Extra Free Although the rare tracks are worth buying it, and there are some good standard tracks too, it's not too great all around. The sound quality is quite muffled and many songs aren't performed to their best. But it's a 2 CD bootleg and I guess that makes up for it.

A- Quality says kling klang

08/29/97 Lowlands Festival, Dronten, Holland FM

(Beetlebum, M.O.R., Movin´ On, Stereotypes, Country Sad Ballad Man, She´s So High, To The End, Popscene, Girls & Boys, Death Of A Party, The Universal, Theme From Retro )

A- Quality says kling klang, has some static.

11/01/97 Monash University, Chisholm Hall, Melbourne, Australia FM

(Beetlebum ,M.O.R. ,There's No Other Way ,Colin Zeal ,Popscene ,Badhead ,Country Sad Ballad Man ,Chemical World ,Chinese Bombs ,Advert ,Bank Holiday ,Girls And Boys ,Death Of A Party ,This Is A Low ,The Universal ,On Your Own ,Parklife ,Coping ,I'm Just A Killer For Your Love ,Song 2)

Not exactly their best performances, but except for the little dropouts between tracks, the sound quality is great.

There are minigaps between tracks. There are also two glitches in "Chemical World" and one glitch in "Coping" and in "I'm Just A Killer For Your Love" each. A- Quality says kling klang

12/11/97 Brixton Academy London UK FM
"Art School Rocks in Feedback Frenzy!", "Red White and Blur", 'Super Golden Radio Show'

(1.Beetlebum 2. MOR 3. There's No Other Way 4. Colin Zeal 5. Globe Alone 6. Popscene 7. On Your Own 8. She's So High 9. For Tomorrow 10. Country Sad Ballad Man 11. Advert/Bank Holiday 12. Girls & Boys 13. Death Of A Party 14. This Is A Low 15. The Universal 16. Song 2 )

Red White and Blur
The sound quality of this CD is excellent. The fast songs get their life thrashed out of them in standard fashion, and it’s basically just a standard CD with some good performance.

Other review:Very good sound quality, good performances. Lots of old favourites here

06/27/98 Glastonbury Festival Pilton England FM
"Bring Your Wellies", "Glastonblury 1998", "Over Against the Popscene", "Glastonbury 1998"
(Girls & Boys/On Your Own/Beetlebum/End of a Century/Country Sad Ballad Man/South Park/Popscene/M.O.R/There's No Other Way/Repitition/I'm Just a Killer For Your Love/Coping/For Tomorrow/This is a Low/The Universal/Song 2/Parklife Many different and edited setlists exist for this show)

The sound quality of this CD is very clear.

02/24/99 Mediapark Koln Germany FM
Tender ,Bugman, Coffee & TV, Swamp Song, 1992, B.L.U.R.E.M.I., Battle, Mellow Song, No Distance Left To Run, Beetlebum, There's No Other Way, Popscene)

02/25/99 Amsterdam, The Netherlands FM
(Song 2,Tender,Bugman, Coffee & TV, Swamp Song, 1992, B.L.U.R.E.M.I., Battle, Mellow Song, Trailer Park, Trimm Trabb, No Distance, Left To Run)

Has minigaps between a few tracks. There is also a small skip-like glitch in "Trimm Trabb" (at about 3:17) A- Quality .

03/10/99 Depot Studios, London, UK TV

"Secret Gig"

(B.L.U.R.E.M.I., No Distance Left To Run, Tender, Battle, Beetlebum, Bugman, Trimm Trabb, Mellow Song, Song 2)

A- Quality says kling klang

03/15/99 Hippodrome. London England FM
"The BBC Took Justine From Me""Unlucky for Some""Tender Battle", "B.L.U.R.B.B.C.", "Apprentice"
(Tender/Bugman/Coffee & TV/Swamp Song/1992/B.L.U.R.E.M.I./Battle/Mellow Song/Trailer Park/Trimm Trabb/No Distance Left To Run/Beetlebum/There's No Other Way/Popscene/Song 2)

The continuity of the CD is ruined by the bad editing in the intros of the last 2 tracks. These encore tracks are not particularly good because better versions exist on other CD's. The tracks are pretty good except for the slight background squealing. It would be a good bootleg without the encore tracks, but oh well.

Tender Battle
A Quality says kling klang

03/17/99 Komplex Cafe London England FM
1) Tender 2) Bug Man 3) Coffee & TV 4) Swamp Song 5) 1992 6) B.L.U.R.E.M.I. 7) Battle 8) Mellow Song 9) Trailerpark 10) Trimm Trabb 11) No Distance Left To Run 12) Beetlebum 13) There's No Other Way 14) Pop Scene 15) Song 2)

04/05/99 Chumcity Building, Toronto, Ontario, Canada TV
(Tender, Bugman, Battle, Trimm Trabb, No Distance Left To Run, interview

05/10/99 Peel Acres London London FM

06/19/99 Provinssirock Seinäjoki Finland FM
(Tender, Bugman, Coffee & TV, Swamp Song, B.L.U.R.E.M.I., Battle, Mellow Song, Trailerpark ,No Distance Left To Run, Beetlebum, Jubilee, Girls And Boys, There's No Other Way, Song 2 )

A- Quality says kling klang, has some static. Low quality AUD exists for same date as well?

07/09/99 Quart Festival, Norway FM
(Bugman/Coffee & TV/1992/B.L.U.R.E.M.I./Battle/Trimm Trabb/No Distance Left To Run/Beetlebum/Country Sad Ballad Man/Popscene/This is a Low/Girls & Boys)

A- Quality says kling klang, has some static.

08/28/99 Reading Festival Caversham, Reading England FM
(Bugman/Jubilee/B.L.U.R.E.M.I/Advert/Popscene/For Tomorrow/No Distance Left To Run/Beetlebum/The Universal/Girls And Boys/There's No Other Way/Parklife/Song 2)

09/06/99 Electric Ballroom London UK FM? AUD?
"B-sides", "B-Side Babies", "B-side Themselves"
(Explain/Mace/Threadneedle Street/Peach/Bone Bag/I'm Fine/Uncle Love/My Sharona/ Inertia/Luminous/ Tame/Fried/I Love Her/Swallows in the Heatwave/ No Monsters In Me/Down/Polished Stone/Supa Shoppa/ Young and Lovely/Day Upon Day )

The one show that's going to be possibly one of the most legendary Blur gigs ever to have existed - the one-off b-sides concert. There are a few flaws, but this gig could have been a hell of a lot worse, and overall the sound quality is very good indeed for an audience recording.

09/15/99 La Mutualite, Paris, France FM (B+)
(Tender, Bugman, Coffee & TV, End Of A Century, Jubilee, B.L.U.R.E.M.I., Bank Holiday, Popscene, Battle, Trimm Trabb, No Distance Left To Run, Beetlebum, The Universal, Country Sad Ballad Man, To the End, This is a Low, Fried, Girls & Boys, There's no Other Way, Parklife, Song 2)

11/27/99 Luna Park Stadium Buenos Aires Argentina FM
"Live in Buenos Aires"
(Tender/Stereotypes/Bugman/Coffee & TV/End Of A Century/On Your Own/ Popscene /Battle/ B.L.U.R.E.M.I./ Trimm Trabb/No Distance Left To Run/Beetlebum/The Universal/Girls & Boys/Country House/There's No Other Way/Parklife/This Is A Low/Song 2)

With all the skips and cuts in this CD, it sounds like the person making the CD tried to cram two CD's into one. Sad really, but that's how bootlegs can be. Running time - 77:42.

12/11/99 Wembley arena London England
"Wembley Singles Night" AUD- LOW QUALITY
"Killer A's "
(I Know/She's So High/There's No Other Way/Bang/Popscene/For Tomorrow/Chemical World/Sunday Sunday/Girls & Boys/To the End/Parklife/End of a Century/Country House/The Universal/Stereotypes/Charmless Man/ Beetlebum/Song 2/On Your Own/M.O.R./Tender/Coffee & TV/No Distance Left To Run)
SBD Official Release on The Best of Blur Soundboard
(She's So High, Girls & Boys, To The End, End Of A Century, Stereotypes, Charmless Man, Beetlebum, M.O.R., Tender, No Distance Left To Run)

Singles Night This is it! The big show where they play all of their A-sides in order. However, this CD set is nothing to get excited about. The sound quality is terrible and disappointing. It is an audience recording, so the crowd is louder than the band. And it was transferred to digital at too high a volume, so anything loud gets distorted and turns to noise, which unfortunately to the listener is usually a girl screaming. From what little of the music I heard, this sounds like a great show, the songs were performed well. I realize how lucky we are that most of Blur's bootleg CD's are of decent quality, because in reality they could all be this bad.

12/15/99 La Mutualite Paris France FM (B+)
Tender ,Bugman ,Coffee & TV ,End Of A Century ,Jubilee ,B.L.U.R.E.M.I. ,Bank Holiday ,Popscene, Battle ,Trimm Trabb ,No Distance Left To Run ,Beetlebum ,The Universal ,Country Sad Ballad Man, To the End ,This is a Low ,Fried ,Girls & Boys ,There's no Other Way ,Parklife Song 2)

07/02/00 Royal Festival Hall London UK webcast?
(Battle, Tender, Blue Jeans, Trimm Trabb, Country Sad Ballad Man, To The End, Look Inside America, Beetlebum, This Is A Low, Death Of A Party, No Distance Left To Run, On Your Own, Ernold Same ,Black Book )

2003 Shows (No setlists for these shows and many shows may be out there)
see etree for new releases or visit the Blur forum for new info.

03/16/03 Bowery Ballroom New York USA

04/07/03 Fritz Studios Berlin Germany FM? Webcast? A-

04/17/03 BBC Maida Vale Studios London UK
Digital Radio (MP2)->MP2

05/12/03 Astoria London England FM A (DVD exists as well? Pro? Aud?)

05/17/03 Le Bataclan Paris France TV>CD

06/28/03 Rosklide Festival, Denmark AUD B+/A-

07/18/03 Boston, MA AUD B+

07/19/03 Washington, DC AUD B

07/21/03 Kool Haus Toronto Ontario, Canada
SP-CMC-2>SP-SPSB-2(69Hz)>Sony MZ-R37 MD

08/08/23 Benicassim Festival, Spain FM

08/23/23 Reading Festival, England TV A

09/24/03 Moscow, Russia AUD A-/B+

09/25/03 Moscow, Russia AUD A-/B+

10/13/03 Stockholm, Sweden AUD A-/B+

10/17/03 Ancienne Belgique Brussels Belgium
FM 11songs, highlights only

11/09/03 Bank Austria Halle (Gasometer) Vienna Austria
Dynamic Audio Binaurals/120 > Sharp MD-MT888h