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A Guide to Coldplay
Live Recordings

Sources: The Scientist: tons of info on live shows and links to traders Another good list w/grades owner of the CP hub Current hub homepage. Another great list Lots of shows here as well. Etree

Please note that Coldplay has the luxury of having many FM and TV broadcast through their career. They also have a lot of good audience recordings (espeically 2002-2003 tour). Also note that many of the best audience recordings may not have surfaced. Below is a list of the best recordings among multiple formats.

A few radio sessions exist for 1999 and can exist as on a compilation disc.
2000 Setlists
05/08/2000 MTV One Night Stand (1) FA TV
First European TV Appearance
05/25/2000 Harlow Square Leeds, England (1) A FM
Great FM 6 song show
06/24/2000 Glastonbury show FM (partial) or full aud exists
FM exists from BBC with Travis and fits on a single cd or you can go for the full aud version
06/26/2000 2 Meter Sessions, CDR (1) London UK, B+ FM, A- TV
Quality varying on these broadcasts with interviews and songs including the one-time "Harmless".
06/30/2000 Ronnie Scott's (Parachutes Acoustic), CDR (1) London UK, B
The entire album plus a few b-sides done acoustically. Shame itís a B range aud recording.
07/10/2000 HMV Oxford Street CDR(1) Grade: A FM Video exists
The kickoff of the Parachutes album. Great instore gig.
07/14/2000 MTV One Night Stand, sonic Festival CDR(1) A TV
Excellent TV appearance
07/24/2000 Steve Lamacq Show, Maida Vale, BBC Studios, CDR (1) London UK, A SBD
Great BBC radio appearance
08/01/2000 Barfly Sessions, CDR (1) London UK , VCD 5 songs A
Easy to find, high 5 song tv appearance
08/18/2000 Live at Bizarre Festival, CDR (1) Weeze Germany, A FM
Excellent FM appearance
08/26/2000 Lowlands Festival Holland(1) A SBD
Excellent FM appearance
10/25/2000Cardiff Source: FM CDR(1) Grade: A
Excellent FM appearance
11/03/2000 Ancienne Belgique, CDR (1) 5 songs, A FM
Excellent FM appearance
11/04/2000 "Crossing Border Festival" Melkweg CDR(1) A FM
Excellent FM appearance
12/01/2000 Rockfeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway A
Lots of versions exist with different set order inclding the official release
12/03/2000Vega, Copenhagen SBD CDR(1) Grade:A FM
Excellent FM appearance
12/15/2000 KCRW Acoustic Sessions, CDR (1) CA USA, A SBD
Excellent FM appearance, acoustic.

2001 Setlists
01/24/2001 Metro Club, Sydney CDR(1) FM? A
Great FM show.
01/30/2001 Melbourne, The Chapel, Australia 1 VCD
Good pro-shot TV broadcast
02/02/2001 Big Day Out; Adelaide, Australia 1 TV
Good pro-shot TV broadcast
02/08/2001 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver CDR(1) A- webcast version, A-/B+ Aud
2 Good versions but Aud is only one complete
02/12/2001 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA CDR(1)AUD B+/A-
Good aud recording
02/13/2001 The Mayan, Los Angeles CDR(1) Grade: A SBD
Great Fm Broadcast, top
02/14/2001 The Mayan, Los Angeles CDR(1) Grade: A- Webcast, A- Aud
Great Webcast, Valentine's Day show. Also a good aud exists.
04/30/2001, Brixton Academy CDR (1) London UK A FM
Great Fm Broadcast
05/24/2001, The Avalon, CDR (1) Boston, MA, A from FM
One of the best FM shows
05/30/2001, The Tabernacle, ,CDR (1)Atlanta, Georgia A AUD a couple pops,not bad
Good aud recording
06/01/2001 Indre Studios PreFM CDR1 A also
Amazing acoustic performance and first appearance Warning Sign
06/02/2001 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, USA CDR(1) A from TV (not complete)
HBO special, first USA TV appearance. Short
06/11/2001 The Backyard in Austin, TX CDR1 A-
Good aud recording
06/18/2001 Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA CDR1 A FM
Great FM broadcast butr missing intro to Shiver and last couple of songs.
08/07/2001 Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia Webcast A-
First Amsterdam but a weak performance in mho.
08/08/2001 Horden Pavillion, Sydney, Australia TV A
Great TV broadcast
08/22/2001 Reykjavik, Iceland (2cd) A FM
The first 2 disc show recording and an FM recording
12/07/2001 Paramount Theatre, SeattleCDR(1) Grade: A FM
Great FM broadcast
12/10/2001 KCRW Morning Eclectic Interviews,. A FM
3 songs done solo acosutically by Chris on solo piano, and someof his favorite songs. Remarkable show.

2002 Setlists
06/28/02 Glastonbury CDR (1) A . FM single disc version. (not complete) or TV version (not complete
2 Versions both great neither complete but B+ aud exists.
07/03/02 Midtfyns Festival, Odense, Denmark,CDR(2) A from TV
Excellent double encore and great
07/07/02 Rome, Italy CDR(2)AUD A-
Excellent double encore and great
07/09/02 Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany CDR(2) A- AUD
Excellent aud, double encore, and pretty rare. Hunting High and Low & Lips Like Sugar performed!
07/10/02 all acoustic radio gig CDR (1)Kuotkomplex Einslive (German radio) A, FM
One of the best acoustic sessions ever.
07/31/02 Maida Vale & XFM Studios London England, A FM
2 different acoustic sessions and interviews and both worthwhile.
08/02/02 Chicago $2Bill show CDR(1) Grade: A TV
TV appearance but rather incomplete
08/04/02 Musiqueplus from TV, CDR(1) Grade: A TV
TV appearance
08/06/02 WBCN Radio Station CDR(1) Grade: A FM
Great acoustic session.
08/14/02 First Avenue , Mineapolis, CDR(2) Grade: A- AUD
Excellent aud recording with double encore and covers
08/18/02 Bimbo's San Francisco CD(2) or (1) AUD A-
Excellent aud recording and double encore
08/27/02 L'Olympia, Paris, France, CDR (2) A TV?
Full version is with double encore and sbd
08/29/02 London Kentish Town Forum, CDR (2) A FM
Hometown crowd and a Shining Light cover and an Ash plug. First time Warning Sign performed since once in 2001 and perfomed solo by Chris.
09/04/02 Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA CDR (2) A- AUD
A Whisper performed live for the only time. Great rare aud recording.
09/06/02,The Greek theater, CDR (2) San Francisco, CA, A AUD
One of the best aud recordings. Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay cover
09/09/02 SDSU Open Air Theatre San Diego, Source: CDR(2) Grade: A- AUD
Great aud recording
09/14/02 99X Acoustic Show A (30 min) FM and Webcast
Amazing acoustic session.
09/16/02 Live at Pier Six Concert Pavilion, Baltimore, CDR (2) , A AUD
Great aud recording. Streets of Baltimore cover.
09/22/02 Live at Much Music, Toronto , CDR (1) , A from FM VCDinterviews
TV appearance, excellent session but with rather weak interviews.
09/24/02 UIC Pavilion Chicago IL , CDR (2) , A- AUD
Great aud recording
10/11/02 M.E.N. Arena, Manchester CDR (1)A , TV
One of the best visual pro-shot broadcasts but a ballad-heavy incomplete setlist.
11/05/02 Ahoy Hall, Rotterdam Grade: A
Official release on Clocks singles
11/20/02 Arena, Berlin, Germany CDR (2), A-, DAU
'Du haust" teaser and a good aud recording.
11/21/02Valby Hallen, Denmark , CDR (2) , A-/B+ AUD
Good aud and Barbie Girl cover
12/06/02 Jool Holland CDR (1) , A from TV
Good performance but a very unchatty Chris interview

2003 Setlists
01/25/03 Grady Cole Center Charlotte NC, CDR (2) , A AUD
One of the best aud recordings ever plus new song Ladder to Sun and full band Moses. 01/28/03
01/28/03 Verizon Wireless Theater, Houston TX CDR (2) , A from FM, A- AUD
One of the only few complete FM concerts of the entire tour. Great aud as well
01/29/03 UTFrank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas, CDR (2) , A- AUD also
Great aud recording.
01/31/03 Nextstage, Grand Prairie TX CDR (2) , A- AUD
Great aud recording.
02/01/03 Oklahoma City Oklahoma CDR (2) , A- AUD
Great aud recording.
02/03/03 St.Louis,MI CDR (2) , A- AUD
Great aud recording.
02/06/03 Fillmore, Denver, CO w/soundcheck CDR (2) , A- AUD
Only soundcheck to surface in good . Great show too.
02/09/03 Dodge Theater, Phoenix, AZ CDR (2), A
Wonderful rare aud recording
02/13/03 Star Lounge, Los Angeles (1)CDR, A, (FM)
Great radio session
02/27/03 Oakdale Theater, Hartford CT (2)CDR, A-, AUD
Excellent aud recording
03/02/03 Pittsburgh(1)CDR, A, FM
Great but partial Broadcast FM
03/04/03 Indianapolis(1)CDR, A, FM
Great but partial Broadcast FM
03/06/03 Gwinnet Civic & Cultural Centre, Atlanta, Georgia(2)CDR w radio interview , A FM
Elton John on piano during Trouble, missing the cover of Georgia on My mind. 1 CD without interview.
03/07/03 Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN (2)CDR, A-, AUD
Excellent Aud recording and has several covers. Top performance.
03/09/03 PromoWest Pavillion Columbus OH , (2)CDR, A-, AUD
Excellent Aud recording
03/10/03 Palace Theater, Lousiville, KY (1)CDR, A FM
Great but partial Broadcast FM
03/25/03 Maida Vale, BBC, London , A FM
Hilarious and top notch radio session
04/03/03 Dusseldorf, Germany (2)CDR, A, from TV broadcast
Great but partial TV Broadcast
04/17/03 Earl's Court, London, UK (1)CDR, A, FM
Great but partial Broadcast FM
05/20/03 Edmonton, Canada (2)CDR, A, FM
Also has opening band the Music broadcast
05/31/03 Kevin And Bean Breakfast Show, KROQ Radio, Los Angeles(1)CDR, A, (FM)
Great radio show
05/31/03 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA (2)CDR, A-, (FM)
Complete FM show
06/06/03 Red Rocks (1)CDR, A, FM (9 song hightlights) or FM + AUD mixed= full show A-
Amazing show with complete aud-fm mix or just the FM highlights
06/09/03 Chicago UIC Pavilion (2)CDR, A-/B+, AUD
Excellent aud recording
06/11/03 Toronto, Canada (2)CDR, A, FM
Complete FM show!
06/12/03 China Club, NYC (1)CDR, A, FM
Great radio show but a lowpoint for the band. Still worthwhile.
06/21/03 Southside Festival (1)CDR, A, FM
Complete FM?
06/29/03 Werchter Festival (1)CDR, A, FM
Great but partial Broadcast FM
07/12/03 JJJ Files, Australian Broadcast (1)CDR, A, FM
History with interviews & rarities
07/14/03 The Ticking of Clocks, London, England CDR (1) BBC, A FM
History with interviews
07/26/03 FreeWheeling Sessions AUS(1)CDR, A, FM
Interviews and Chris playing his favorite songs.