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The Guide to the Best Nirvana Live Recordings

Please most information is compiled from Digital Nirvana and concerns mainly proffessional bootlegs released during the Nirvana career and some after. Don't buy bootlegs unless you are into getting silver-pressed originals and like paying high amounts of money. It’s a great guide for details about the show.

The other source to check out is the Nirvana Live Guide which is more fan based and has source info and a few dates missing from Digital Nirvana's bootography.


03-??-87 97% 17 Nussbaum Road (house party), Raymond, WA
17 Nussbaum Road, 1st Experience; First Live Show & 04-17-87
analog audience audio (incomplete) 50 min • B+ Includes "Downer" from the soundcheck, which cuts in.
Missing everything after "Hairspray Queen." Also available on the bootleg CD First Live Show.

This is the kind of disc that makes people collect bootlegs. The sound quality is not for everyone, but if you appreciate an incredibly rare and early performance, First Live Show is a "must have" CD. At the time of this writing, this is the ONLY commercially available title with this show. Until the 7th is confirmed as the day of this performance for the Nirvana Live Guide, the Nirvana Bootography will continue to list the day of this show as "??."

The performance that is listed as March 7th, 1987 is mentioned in the Charles Cross Kurt Cobain biography "Heavier Then Heaven". Mr. Cross does a good job describing the events before, during, and after the show and transcribes some of the banter that can be heard as the band runs through nine of Nirvana's earliest songs. The show takes place at a house party in Raymond Washington. Throughout the performance you can hear partygoers and the band chat back and forth. The band receives little to no applause. They are surprisingly tight (Aaron Burkhardt is on drums) and it's easy to tell the band had spent some time rehearsing.

As Mr. Cross notes in the book, it's simply amazing that a tape like this exists. The sound is as good or better than anyone could expect. Interestingly, Kris Sproul of the Nirvana Live Guide was able to confirm that this CD was taken from the remaster he circulated - he made an edit after the soundcheck that is present in the commercial title. You won't find a document like this for many bands, this is something very special.

The second half this disc comes from the KAOS demos that were performed approximately one month later. These demos are also available on Outcesticide V;

04-17-97 KAOS Olympia Community Radio, Olympia, WA
soundboard audio 35 min • A Also available on the bootleg CD Outcesticide V, with the downtime between songs edited out.

12-28-88 99% The Underground (Sub Pop 200 Record Release Party), Seattle, WA
analog audience audio 40 min • A Also available on the bootleg CD Live In Seattle. (Christmas In Seattle 1988; Dark Emotion; Live In Seattle; New Years Eve; Seattle 1988)

(Seattle 1988 )
This disc contains the introduction by Jesse Burnstein where he introduces "the mystery guest; NIR-VANA!" (the intro is missing on "Christmas in Seattle" and "New Years Eve"). The treble isn't as high as "Christmas In Seattle" and is probably a slightly better recording. "Live in Seattle" is an audience recording that starts out a little overdriven, but is consistent and clear after the first track. The early date and quality of this recording make it a real treat for collectors and is a "must have" for people who like Bleach Era shows (technically this is "pre-Bleach"... heh heh).

During the show, you can hear parts of songs where a reverb (echo) type of effect is heard... if you listen closely you can hear a woman say "I think they should ditch the effects!" after Mexican Seafood. The set list is much different than what they later used and many of the songs were not performed very often. Mr. Moustache has alternate lyrics. "Hairspray Queen" is probably the the highlight of the show... the performance is great!

This is a unique disc because of the date. This is a favorite among bootleg collectors and is highly recommended.

07-08?-89 97% Club Dreamerz, Chicago, IL
analog audience audio 50 min • A Also available on the bootleg CD Bleach Out! Break Out! (listed as 07-07-89 on Digital Nirvana)

Excellent 1989 era show and one of only two commercially released performances with Jason Everman! The recording features extremely clear sound quality, a couple of jams and a semi-rare performance of Mr. Moustache. It sounds like an audience recording but there is little to no interferance from people talking or applauding. The club almost sounds empty.

10/08/89 - Lifticket Lounge, Omaha, NE. Not listed on Digital Nirvana
analog soundboard audio (incomplete) 45 min • A- • Tascam 4-Track Portastudio. Missing everything before "Dive," which cuts in, and everything after "Breed," which cuts out.

Before "Paper Cuts," Krist jammed on "Where Did You Sleep Last Night."

10-25-89 93% Duchess of York, Leeds, United Kingdom
analog audience audio 45 min • A Also available on the bootleg CD Where Were You in '89. (Also on Blew; Smells Like... (Vol. 1))

"Where Were You In '89?" contains a superb audience recording that is very clear and consistent (occasional talk). This is an excellent disc for people who love the early Bleach shows. The set list is almost identical to the 10-29-89 show that can be found on "Wired." Wired is a better sounding recording, but most early show collectors will be happy with either. The Paradiso tracks (13-18) are good filler.

The date of this disc (it's one of the older recordings available on a commercial bootleg) and consistent recording earn its "A" rating. People who want a high quality "Roma sounding" soundboard recording should steer clear of this one. It's believed that this disc first surfaced in 1992.

The two other versions are badly rated so pay attention to titles and setlists on this date.

10-26-89 - Maida Vale Studio 5 (John Peel Session), London, United Kingdom
Set Love Buzz • About A Girl • Polly • Spank Thru
soundboard audio 15 min • A+ Also available on various bootleg CD and vinyl releases.

10-28-89 Ents Hall, Portsmouth Polytechnic, Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Not listed on Digital Nirvana
analog audience audio 50 min • A • Sony WM-D6 / unknown

11-18-89 95% Ku-Ba, Hanau, West Germany
soundboard audio 50 min • A- Also available on the bootleg CD Mr. Kurdt Kobain. (and on Deep)

Mr. Kurdt Kobain is a somewhat generated soundboard recording. Deep is a better sounding disc of 11/18/89, however, this is the only complete version that has been commercially released.

The show starts out with the infamous screaming intro, similar to the Wishkah album. Dive, which Kurt says "is new," has alternate lyrics... he probably forgot them or was screwing around... they had been playing the song for a while at this point. Krist helps sing towards the end of Big Cheese, which usually signifies equipment trouble. Kurt later thanks the German audience with a gracious "Donkey Show." "Mr. Moustache" wasn't played very often, and is a nice feature on the disc and "About a Girl" is played with more distortion than usual. The set-list is very typical with exception of "Molly's Lips" - everything else that is played was a staple of this time period and was played at virtually every show.

Mr. Kurdt Kobain is a nice '89 show to pick up. There's nothing spectacular about it, but it is solid in every aspect

11-22-89 100%** Out Of The Blue; Play The F***ing Guitar, Man!!; Smells Like Nirvana
soundboard audio
60 min • A+ Broadcast on Austrian FM radio.
soundboard/audience mix audio 65 min • A+ Soundboard audio with audience microphones mixed in

This review is the same as the on for "Play the F@@@ing Guitar, Man." The artwork in "Out of the Blue" is better but does not contain the bonus tracks found on "Play the F@@@ing Guitar, Man." The latter is a clone of Out of the Blue which is accurately titled because it literally surfaced from nowhere. Out of the Blue was originally released in 1994.

This disc is the "Roma" of the Bleach era. You will not find a better sounding Bleach era show.

This is what a bootleg recordings are all about... You can also get this show on it's clone "Play the F@@@ing Guitar, Man." The show was recorded for radio in Austria, and the sound is perfect. You may prefer this over it's clone "Play the F@@@ing Guitar, Man" if you appreciate extra artwork. "Play the F@@@ing Guitar, Man" contains tracks from another show that are not available on this disc.

You can tell the band was having a good time at this show. The setlist was typical (except for the encore), however, the unique thing about the show is a drunk guy that screams at the band throughout their performance. You hear this guy with a German accent screaming "PLAY ABOUT F@@@ING GIRLS!!!!"... "TUNE YOUR F@@@ING GUITAR AND PLAY ABOUT F@@@ING GIRLS, MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!"... Krist has a good time with him and yells back several times during the show and at one point sings some lines from The Who's "I'm a Boy" and dedicates it to the heckler. The entire show is wild and full of energy.

11-26-89 96% In The Bloom; It's All Going Wrong; Welcome To Italy

"In the Bloom" is a clear soundboard recording and contains a nice set list (Paper Cuts and Sappy are played). The disc is very solid in all aspects (complete show). It can also be found on "It's All Going Wrong," which is less difficult to find. "In the Bloom" is issued in a slip case.... a little box that holds the regular jewel case. It's believed that this disc first surfaced in 1992.

Except for Kurt's sickly intro, the band seems to play well even though this was the tail end of a grueling tour. Kurt starts the show with his "screaming "intro", like the one on the Wishkah album - except he has to stop to cough. After the first song of Nirvana's set, Chad's (Chad Channing is the drummer) snare drum breaks and Kurt and Krist perform an impromptu Led Zeppelin cover (Dazed and Confused). Krist slaughters the vocals (similar to his singing before Territorial Pissings). The rest of the show is good, and Nirvana's performance is complete and unedited.

Krist got involved with a bunch of drunks in the audience who were disrespecting women, prompting him to give a long speech about how he is a girl and a brief attempt at singing The Who's "I'm A Boy."

01-06-90 96% HUB East Ballroom, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
soundboard audio 45 min • A Also available on the bootleg CD Supercolossal Big Muff.

This is a pretty good show. The sound is an "A" soundboard recording, however the source has a few spots where it fades or messes up occasionally. It's enough to mention, but not enough to really mess up the disc. There's nothing extraordinary about the show... good energy but no real rarities (Molly's Lips is always nice), it IS one of a few soundboard recordings of this quality from this era.

Super Colossal Big Muff is another one of those Small Clone releases... excellent recording, the only commercial bootleg release of the show, and very tough to find. If you come across one of these, consider yourself very lucky, and pick it up.

02-09-90 93% Pine Street Theatre, Portland, OR
analog soundboard audio (incomplete)
40 min • A • Sony WM-D3 Missing everything before "Floyd The Barber." Also available on the bootleg CD World Without End.

"School" was most likely played before "Floyd The Barber."

02-11-90 ? Cactus Club, San Jose, CA not listed on Digital Nirvana
soundboard audio 45 min • A

After "Spank Thru," Krist yelled at the bouncers for hurting someone in the audience. Before "Polly," Krist sang a small part of The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand."

02-14-90 - Kennel Club, San Francisco, CA not listed on Digital Nirvana
soundboard audio (incomplete) 50 min • A- Missing "School.", "Blew" cuts out.

This was the only known show in which Krist totally destroyed his bass, just before "Blew."

04-10-90 94% Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI

Blind Pig; Blind Pig Beginnings; Louder; Pissing in Action; The Smell Of...
analog audience audio 50 min • A • Sony WM-D6C / Sony ECM-121 (not necessarily from vinyl source)

This is a good show with excellent sound for it's date. The disc was actually mastered from a vinyl source (a record) and contains pops and crackles throughout. All other discs containing this date were cloned from Blind Pig. Don't let the vinyl source thing scare you... it's still one of the better sounding shows from this time period. Blind Pig was released in 1992.

The band sounds good and Krist makes a joke about the beer being served in Dixie cups. There is very little talk and there are no rarities played. While the disc is solid in all aspects, there is nothing spectacular that makes it truly stand out. Cocomelos Records is one of KTS's "off labels" and shouldn't be too difficult to find. "Blind Pig" is great to pick up for an early ninety's show.

04-17-90 98% Foufounes Électriques, Montréal, QC, Canada
analog audience audio
60 min • A • Sony WM-D6 / unknown. Also available on the bootleg CD Branlez-Vous.

This is the best and ONLY commercially available version of the 4/17/90 performance you will find. The sound quality is fantastic - not the soundboard that is advertised on the cover, but not too far off. I am in possession of an ANA2 > CDR recording from the same source this CD is derived and have found that it is slightly better, however, anyone who picks up this title will have no need to worry about an upgrade.

The show features mostly songs found on Bleach with a couple of Nevermind songs and a smattering of tunes found on Incesticide - it's a good mix. Krist makes a few comments after Big Cheese about "smelling something," and makes some hilarious commentary on drugs and drug users. The band (or at least Krist) sounds in good spirits. The show is excellent and Chad Channing (who was coming to the end of his Nirvana career) plays as hard as you'll find in any other performance.

05-06-90 96% The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
soundboard audio 55 min • A "Love Buzz" cuts in. Also available on the bootleg CD The Masquerade. (Also available as Across America)

This disc is really the 05-06-90 show. The recording is from the soundboard, however, the drums aren't mixed properly and sound like they might have been coming through one of the microphones. Chad sounds like he's hitting cardboard boxes and the cymbols sound muffled. The first track ("Love Buzz") starts from the middle of the song, and there is a pressing error that causes a blank span of 1 second towards the end of "Stain". There are also 2 places during "Love Buzz" where there is extra "crackle". These complaints aside, this is a very good disc.

The band had recorded at Smart Studios the previous month before this show. Krist announces one of the songs they had recorded, Dive, as something that will be on their upcoming album (at this time the tape was going to be put on a Sub Pop album). The set list is pretty good, and "Here She Comes Now" is a nice treat. Not a whole lot of talk (it may have been edited out), but you can hear a few things spoken. Kurt asks the audience to pogo during Molly's Lips.

05-13-90 99% Duffy's Tavern, Lincoln, NE
analog soundboard audio 55 min • A • Tascam 4-Track Portastudio Also available on the bootleg CD Stiff Drinks, but missing "Blew." (also on Dive Into Hole; Live At Duffy's; Mindblower; Saturday Night Sonic Attack)

This has got to be one of the best/most energetic shows ever recorded. The sound is a near perfect audience recording and could only be better if it was a soundboard. In my opinion this is the best version of the show you can get. "Saturday Night Sonic Attack" and "Stiff Drinks" are from the same source... the only difference is the bonus tracks included on the discs.

On this disc (Saturday Night Sonic Attack ) you get the Lincoln show AND the Palace show! The Palace tracks are much easier to find in this source, but they don't sound as good as they do on "Mindblower". In fact this disc and "Mindblower" contain the same songs EXECPT the Palace tracks come first, and sound better on "Mindblower" and the Lincoln tracks come first and sound better on "Saturday Night Sonic Attack." Unless you are a major completist you will only want one of the 2 discs. "Saturday Night Sonic Attack" would probably be the best one to choose.

This date was Chad's second to last show (the loud drums make him sound great). At the end of the show, Krist thanks "the 20 odd people who showed up to their show in Omaha last Fall" (yeah, the hoarded one). You can hear some of this CD on "Outcesticide IV." "Outcesticide IV" uses "Here She Comes Now" and "Pay to Play" from this show. "Pay to Play" is arguably the best performance of the song ever recorded.

08-17-90 99% Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA
Soundcheck In Bloom • Floyd The Barber • Verse Chorus Verse
analog soundboard audio 55 min • A • Sony WM-D6 Includes the soundcheck. Also available on the bootleg CD Love Buzz, but missing "Been A Son."(also on At The Hollywood Palladium; Blew; Bliss; CA Uberalles; I Hate Myself and I Want to Die,It Wasn't The First Time In History That A Monster Was Mistaken For A God, Live And Demo(n)s; The Lost Concert; Love Buzz; Murder By Guitar)

For a 1990 date, the sound on this disc is great. It isn't perfect, but you can't expect recordings from this time period to be perfect anyway. This disc features a rehearsal recording of Verse Chorus Verse (aka In His Hands) which is one of the best recordings of this rare song to ever surface, and is arguably the highlight of this disc. The live show is also great. It features Dale Crover on drums, and they play two songs which would later be released on Nevermind, one of which is also played at soundcheck! So you also get to hear Dale Crover play a few songs from Nevermind.

During "Love Buzz," Kurt jumped into the audience and allowed members of the crowd to play his guitar for a minute before going back onstage.

10-21-90 - Maida Vale Studio 3 (John Peel Session), London, United Kingdom
Set Turnaround • Son Of A Gun • D-7 • Molly's Lips
soundboard audio 10 min • A+ Also available on various bootleg CD and vinyl releases.

Appears on the official release Hormoaning. "Turnaround," "Son Of A Gun," and "Molly's Lips" appear on the official release Incesticide.

11-25-90 96% The Off Ramp, Seattle, WA

analog audience audio (incomplete) 70 min • A- • unknown / Sonic Studios Missing everything after the "Dive" intro. Also available on the bootleg CD A Season In Hell, but missing the "Dive" intro.

This show is AMAZING!!! Check out the setlist... not one or two rarities, half the show is made of songs that were rarely played!!! Kurt must have decided that they were going to change things up a little bit before the show... after all, they were playing in Seattle and I'm sure many of the audience members had already heard them play the regular songs... for whatever reason, they came out and played a Nirvana bootleggers dream. This show contains as many or more rarities than any other.

The show starts out with an early version of Aneurysm with alternate lyrics (One of the lines is "C'mon over and shoot the s*%t!!!! GAAAAAAAWD D#@*n!!!!). "Verse Chorus Verse" is momentarily interrupted by a guy talking, but I can't really complain otherwise (it's still the second best recording of the song). Before "Sliver" someone in charge of the club announce that it is 2:00 and all the alcohol has to disappear... 2:00 A.M!!! Krist thanks everyone for staying instead of slipping out to the 7-11 to buy beer. I would imagine that the band was at it's happiest at this time. They truly sound like they're having a good time, they had the freedom to come up with a bizarre setlist on a whim... it just sounds like they were having a blast. If I could choose any Nirvana show to attend, this would have been it. I've also seen internet rumors that there may have been an encore to this show... I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Overall this is an excellent audience recording. Some people might argue that I've graded this disc too highly. As someone who has listened to quite a few Nirvana shows, I recognize what a treat this recording is... even if it isn't soundboard. If you're buying something for sound quality, get Roma... if you want a once in a lifetime show and don't mind an audience recording, this is one of the best available.

06-18-91 ? The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA not listed on Digital Nirvana

PCM audience audio 45 min • A • unknown / Schoeps CMC 44 + MK 4. Mastered to PCM, which is a digital audio format similar to DAT. (also exists analog audience audio 45 min • A • Sony WM-D6 / Sony ECM-909 )

This was the first time "Rape Me" was played live. Krist and Dave were taken by surprise when Kurt launched into the song. They were still talking about it after the show, saying, "What the fuck? We don't even know that song!"

06-19-91 ? Crest Theatre, Sacramento, CA not listed on Digital Nirvana
analog audience audio 40 min • A • Marantz PMD430 / Nakamichi CM-300 + CP-4

No notes…………..

08-20-91 98% Sir Henry's, Cork, Ireland
DAT audience audio (incomplete) 40 min • A • Sony TCD-D3 / Sennheiser K3U + ME 80 also available on Put The Money Down

This disc is just plain awesome! The disc contains 2 shows, both of which are incomplete. The Cork show is missing the first song "Drain You" and the Melborne show has yet to surface in it's entirety.

The band is full of life and spunk for the Cork show and plays with the audience. It's highlight would be a rare ( and first) 1991 performance of "Lounge Act " and the falsetto version of "Negative Creep" (Kurt begins the song with funny vocals). The Palace tracks are good but not nearly as good as they are on "Mindblower" (The premier source for those tracks). The recording is FM broadcast quality.

This is definitely a disc that all Nirvana collectors will enjoy listening to. The sound quality is excellent, the performances are energized, and most importantly... "Lounge Act" is on here TWICE!!!!!

More songs were played before "Drain You," according to an attendee. "Polly" and possibly other songs were probably played.

08-23-91 94% Richfield Avenue (Reading Festival), Reading, United Kingdom
analog audience audio 40 min • A Also available on the bootleg CD Before And After The Storm.

Also exists: Reading 1991; Reading Festival 1991; Smells Like Nirvana, A Tribute To The Vaselines; Outmod Punk Mentality

"Before and After The Storm" contains two excellent shows, Reading 1991 and the 6/27/92 Ruisrock show. They are both solid audience recordings.

During Reading there are a few points where the wind picks up and you can hearing blowing through the recorder's microphone (It is like that on all versions). Both of the Reading shows (Reading '91 and '92) are brilliant! There is a short cover of the Doors 'The End' which is pretty funny but the highlight of the first show is when Eugene Kelly (of the Vaselines) sings "Molly's Lips" with Kurt. This is the best commercially released version of the Reading 1991 show. Once the complete pro shot video surfaces then all these audience recordings will become obsolete.

09-01-91 96% De Doelen (Ein Abend In Wien), Rotterdam, The Netherlands
analog audience audio
45 min • A • Sony WM-D3 / Sony PC-62. Also available on the bootleg CD Live Buzz. (other source is: analog audience audio 50 min • A • Aiwa HS-1202 / unknown )

You can take two different views on this show, and that is why there are some people who hate it and some who love it.

View 1 - You love it because the band is VERY raw and having a fun time toying with the crowd. There are plenty of screw ups and multiple restarts of songs. Extremely original, the band is drunk and just playing for fun. This is a very clear audience recording and you can make out every word that the band says to the crowd. (That is if Kurt doesn't override it with feed back)

View 2 - You hate it. You prefer the more 'Radio Friendly" shows with a more polished professional sound. You would rather just hear the band play the songs the way they sounded on the album. Plus you don't like what is in view 1.

Most veteran collectors realize what a treat this recording is. There are many unique moments, like the funny restarts and during "About A Girl" when the guitar cuts out and Kurt starts singing in a real high pitched voice... the band saying that the place is cursed.. or Dave calling "Been A Son" Been A Drunk :)

09-03-91 Maida Vale Studio 5 (John Peel Session), London, United Kingdom
Set Dumb • Drain You • Endless, Nameless
soundboard audio 15 min • A+

09-26-91 98% The Moon, New Haven, CT
analog audience audio 70 min • A • Sony WM-D6 / unknown Also available on the bootleg CD Seattle, WA. September 21 1991. (Other bootlegs:Grange Buffet; Playing At The Moon; )

"Seattle Wa. September 21 1991" contains a raw performance by the band just before they broke into the mainstream. The set list contains some nice rarities. Only 5 of the18 songs performed came from the album that this tour was supporting (Nevermind). After Nevermind became popular, the set lists became a lot more standardized. The sound is excellent and appears to be a professional open mic recording... it's good enough that novice collectors will enjoy it even though it's not a soundboard recording.

The disc has a little editing after "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Breed." Otherwise, it seems to be complete. There are equipment problems throughout the show. "Here She Comes Now" is extended due to Kurt's guitar going out. Blew is performed twice (on the same track)... the band starts and Kurt's guitar goes out leaving Dave and Krist jamming on the song until Kurt is ready again. It sounds like Krist starts singing the lyrics at one point and does the chorus in a falsetto voice. The audience is great and there were some dedicated fans who knew to ask for songs like "Spank Thru" and one guy who yells "Donkey Show" several times... The band started saying "Donkey Show" on their 1989 tour in Europe as thank you (sounds like the German "Thank You" that I'm not going to try to spell).

"Seattle Wa. September 21 1991" is the preferred disc for this date. "Playing at the Moon" is nearly identical, but this recording is less bass heavy. "Seattle Wa. September 21 1991" is a great disc that even the most demanding collector will enjoy.

10-12-91 99% Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL
soundboard audio 60 min • A Also available on the bootleg CD Dressed For Success. Circulating copies not sourced from the bootleg CD are missing "Been A Son." (others:Jesus Loves Me; Revolutionary Debris)

10-12-91 is one of the best Nirvana shows ever recorded and can be found on at least three seperate discs. The vocals are blistering and extremely solid. The drums are a little loud and drown out the bass somewhat, but the performace is raw and full of energy. An early "Rape Me" & "Lounge Act" would have been nice additions to the setlist, but there can't be any complaints about the songs that were performed. A few times during the show, stage divers knock over the mic stand and the vocals are lost for a few seconds (Krist tells them to watch it.) It's a fun show to listen to and a favorite among Nirvana bootleg collectors. !|

When Dressed For Success was released it created a huge buzz amoung Nirvana fans. The buzz was not only for the incredible show, but also for the never before heard demos! Tracks 18 - 23 were previously unsurfaced ( they are mislabeled as "Fecal Matter Demos"). The bonus tracks included "Bambi Slaughter," "Clean Up Before She Comes," "Black & White Blues," the "About a Girl" and "Drain You" demos, and then the complete "Beans" which included the intro that was missing from "Outcesticide III" (better sound quality also). These tracks were later released as part of "Outcesticide IV - Rape Of The Vaults" (same source).

10-25-91 The Palace (Rock For Choice Benefit), Hollywood, CA Not listed on Digital Nirvana
soundboard audio 65 min • A Also available on the bootleg CD Had It All.

Krist ranted about politics throughout the show

10-31-91 99% Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
soundboard audio 75 min • A+ (also on Halloween Night; Halloween Stranger; Happy Halloween; Heaven Can Wait, Into The Black - Disc 3 - Paramount Theatre; The Raji's Burning Down; Trick Or Treat)

(Trick Or Treat)
is a great show with excellent sound quality. The sound is what you would expect from an official release and the band plays with a lot of energy. This show was actually recorded by Geffen for a future live release, and some of the tracks have ended up on various singles. There is a good chance this show will be included in the upcoming box set.

This was the bands homecoming show of the Nevermind tour and the last US date before taking off to Europe. Supposedly, "Spank Thru" and "Molly's Lips" were also played but those tracks have yet to surface. There's a little jam and Krist jokingly says "White boy funk sucks!".. hence the "White Boy Funk" jam that is listed im many bootleg guides.

The early "Rape Me" and "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" are nice... but the power and clarity of the show are the real highlights. "Trick or Treat" is the most popular way to find this recording, but it can be found on other discs.

11-09-91 - Maida Vale Studio 4 (Mark Goodier Session), London, United Kingdom
Set Been A Son • (New Wave) Polly • Aneurysm • Something In The Way
soundboard audio 15 min • A+ Also available on various bootleg CD and vinyl releases.

"Been A Son," "(New Wave) Polly," and "Aneurysm" appear on the official release Incesticide.

11-11-91 ? Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
DAT audience audio 70 min • A Also available on the bootleg CD Bleach Pop, but with many cuts between songs.

11-16-91 96% Teatro Verdi, Muggia, Italy
Downtrodden; Europe 1991; Europe 1991 (Downtroden contain 11/19/91, Europe 1991 does not)
audience audio 60 min • A-

Downtrodden was released in April, 2000 and contains the complete 11/16/91performance. This performance was first released on the scarce and long out-of-print Europe 1991. Downtrodden is not a clone of Europe 1991 (different track times), but appears to be identical in sound quality. The rumor is that someone associated with the Post Script label (the label that released Europe 1991) sent a taper to record this concert, which is why the recording appeared on CD before it ever entered trading circles. There are three bonus tracks from 11/19/91 that do not appear on Europe 1991.

The 11/16/91 performance is spectacular and features the rarities "Talk To Me" and "Oh The Guilt." The band sounds like they were having a good time, and there's a lot of energy... which is probably why they played these two rare songs at the end. Kurt teases the crowd that is singing along on "Sliver," changing the lyrics to "nya nya nya nya...". Mostly because of the two rarities and the decent sound quality of the show, I would recommend this disc. Be warned that this is an audience recording, and gets a little muddy at the end. Audience recordings aren't for everyone but you won't find a setlist like this for any other date.

11-19-91 92% Il Castello, Rome, Italy

soundboard audio 60 min • A Broadcast on Italian FM radio.

Seattle Sound, Sounds Great is the best version of this show (as an official bootleg). Sadly, it has been edited between a few of the songs. It is a average "Nevermind" era show and there are better shows out their like "Dressed For Success", "Trick Or Treat", or "Had It All". The highlights are a very early "Rape Me" and a nice "Spank Thru" which was beginning to become phased out of the newer Nirvana set lists.

11-25-91 - NOB radiostudio (2 Meter Sessie), Hilversum, The Netherlands
Set (incomplete) jam • Where Did You Sleep Last Night • Here She Comes Now (take 1) • Here She Comes Now (take 2) • unknown

The complete master tape is said to be about an hour long and includes numerous mess-ups. "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" and "Here She Comes Now" were broadcast on the Dutch FM radio show Twee Meter De Lucht In and are also available on various bootleg CD releases.

The band was asked to play "Polly" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit," but Kurt didn't want to. At the end of the session, after Kurt and Dave ran away, Krist said, "We know when we fuck up," and left.

11-25-91 99% Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(Amsterdam 91; Come As You Are; European Tour '91; Hardcore Act; The Last American Concert, The Last UK Show; Live; The Live Spirit; Live Vol. 1; Live; In Bloom, Nirvana Live Vol. 1; On Stage In Europe; Paradiso Lost, Paridiso Amsterdam Love Buzz November 1991; Porch Songs; Radical Action; Seventh Heaven, Shock Treatment; Sliver; Smells Like Nirvana; Smells Like Success, Smells Like Teen Spirit; What; Wild Tales )(wide range of quality and setlist)
soundboard audio
60 min • A+ Broadcast on Dutch FM radio. Also available on the bootleg CD Paradiso Lost.

It's hard to imagine that the Nirvana Bootography could get excited over a disc containing a performance that is available on some 20 other titles. Paradiso Lost is the ONLY commercially available disc to ever be released with the complete/uncut 11/25/91 show. Why has a performance this good with such solid sound has never made it's way to a commercially available disc before?

In case you missed it on Live Tonight Sold Out, the officially released Nirvana video, this is the show where Kurt screams the Come As You Are lyrics while his guitar is terribly out of tune. The song is massacred and Kurt's reaction makes this a classic concert moment for the band. Incredibly, this track has NEVER been available on a commercial disc until now. All other 11/25/91 discs are cut and out of order - none contain the Come As You Are track and if they contain the Territorial Pissings track at all, it is cut.

Paradiso Lost contains the tracks all the other discs lack, and the performance is unedited. The soundquality appears to be a generation or two down from the soundboard or FM broadcast - which is excellent! This is a staple that belongs in EVERY collection. If you enjoy live Nirvana discs, you'll be more than satisfied with this one.

12-28-91 100% Pat O'Brien Pavilion, Del Mar, CA
soundboard audio 45 min • A+ Professionally mixed by Andy Wallace. Broadcast on FM radio. Also available on the bootleg CD The Eternal Legacy. (other versions:...And Nobody Got Hurt; Aqua Seafoam Shame; The Club; In Memoriam Kurt Cobain; In Memory Of Kurt; Lithium; Lithium; Live; Live At Duffy's,Live Vol.1; Louder; On Stage In Europe; Pissing in Action; Psychotic Reaction,San Diego '91; San Diego '91; Smells Like... (Vol. 2); Smells Like...........,Territorial Possession; Tribute To Kurt Cobain Vol. 5 - Soundboard Recording Live 1991

Eternal Legacy is as good as they come. This is the best recording available from the Del Mar radio broadcast. It's a relatively short show, so KTS kindly gave us ALL of the Peel sessions as filler (tracks 1 - 11). The artwork is great, the disc quality is superb, and it's over 79 minutes long.

There are quite a few discs that contain the Del Mar show. The Eternal Legacy not only ensures you the best quality recording, it's also probably the best "value" of any available bootleg. The majority of other discs containing the Del Mar show do not sound quite as good. If you listen carefully, you can hear someone adjusting the "noise" level on a few tracks, particularly when Dave kicks in with the drums. This is a good disc to have for veteran and beginning collectors alike. This disc might be considered a "classic" bootleg... everyone should own it.

01-10-92 ? MTV Studios, New York, NY
professional video 45 min • A+
setlist: Soundcheck (incomplete) On A Plain • Stain show: Drain You • School • Molly's Lips • Polly • Aneurysm • Smells Like Teen Spirit • Territorial Pissings

Includes the soundcheck, but "On A Plain" and "Stain" cut in.

Various edits have been broadcast on MTV, but none have been complete. Also available on various bootleg CDs, each including different songs.

01-11-92 ? NBC Studios (Saturday Night Live), New York, NY
Set Smells Like Teen Spirit • Territorial Pissings
professional video 10 min • A+ Also available on various bootleg CDs.

02-01-92 98% The Palace, Melbourne, Australia
Down Under '92; Legacy;
Mindblower; Put The Money Down; Saturday Night Sonic Attack, Territorial Possession
soundboard audio 65 min • A .Some songs have been broadcast on Australian FM radio. Also available on the bootleg CD Mindblower, but including only the songs from the FM broadcast.

See above descriptions or links.

02-06-92 94% Selina's, The Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney, Australia
DAT audience audio 70 min • A • Sony TCD-D3 / Sonic Studios DSM-3 Also available on the bootleg CD Sydney 1992.

This is a great disc. The sound appears to have come from an open digital microphone. It's a very clear stereo recording.... It's a little overdriven and the crowd can be heard, but it doesn't interfere. Bass feedback interferes with Smells Like Teen Spirit, most likely because of sensitive microphones.

Kurt isn't very talkative, but the band still plays a great set with plenty of energy. An early "All Apologies" and Lounge Act are the highlights. Overall this CD contains a solid recording of a good performance. Like many Japanese bootlegs, this one is lacking in the artwork department and doesn't have a picture on the back of the cover. This disc will make most collectors happy.

02-07-92 98% Selina's, The Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney, Australia
DAT audience audio 80 min • A • Sony TCD-D3 / Sonic Studios DSM Also available on the bootleg Noizemaker

Once again the japanese `Small Clone? label gives us a very rare, almost 77 minutes killer show! Other than "Noizemaker" being the only available disc of this show, it is the last ever Australian Nirvana concert - and what a show it is!

The only reason this disc didn't reach an even better rating is because the sound is a little overdriven, comparable to the "Sydney 1992" disc which was recorded one day before (using the same recording equipment). Other than that, "Noizemaker" features very good A soundquality.

02-19-92 98% Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan
Fire Extinguisher; Last Concert In Japan; Pissing Factory; Pissing Factory
soundboard audio 60 min • A

The sound quality found on this disc is great, but the set list is fairly typical. The band plays well, and does a good job, but they appear to be having a hard time getting energy from a Japanese crowd... the only thing keeping this disc from getting an A+.

Fire Extinguisher is slightly more complete than other discs containing this show. Fire Extinguisher contains some small dialogs (listed below) that are not found on other discs containing this date:

1) Before Smells Like Teen Spirit Krist jokes with the crowd about an end of tour speech from the heart and sings a little of Queen's "We Will Rock You".

2) At the end of the show you can hear Dave speaking through what sounds like a Megaphone "Don't Take any of this security guard shit, Kill The Security Guards. Kill Them!!" Dave was obviously poking fun at the docile Japanese audience. In the very last seconds you can hear Bear Up Bison by Shonen Knife being piped into the auditorium.

06-24-92 ? Le Zénith, Paris, France Not listed on Digital Nirvana
DAT audience audio 80 min • A
DAT audience audio 80 min • A • Denon DTR-80P / Aiwa CM-30A
analog audience audio 80 min • A • Sony WM-D3 / Sony PC-62
analog audience audio 75 min • A • Sony WM-D3 / Sony PC-62

No notes on this one………

06-26-92 97% Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark
DAT audience audio 80 min • A Also available on the bootleg CD Leer.

Leer, released in April 2000, is the only commercially available disc of the 6/26/92 Roskilde Festival show. The recording is from a digital audience source and is sharp and clear throughout. Kris Sproul of the Nirvana Live Guide will listen to the recording, it's possible that it was sourced from the master DAT recording

06-30-92 95% Sjöhistoriska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
analog audience audio 85 min • A • Sony WM-D6 / unknown (not proffessionally bootlegged)
analog audience audio 85 min • A- • Sony WM-D3 / Sony PC-62 Also available on the bootleg CD Unleashed!, but missing "Polly" and everything after "Son Of A Gun."(packaged with Sjtoriska Museet - Stockholm, Sweden
06-30-92 )

This is a very solid double CD. The disc was mastered from a digital source and is very crisp and clear.. unfortunately there is crowd noise throughout. The crowd noise isn't too bad except for some of the quieter songs (i.e. Dumb and Polly). The Stockholm tracks are the real treat and include some nice rarities.

The 12-10-93 show is very common on all accounts. The band says very little and Krist even tells the crowd they would say more "but our tele-prompters are broken". Kurt also tells the audience that he has a new effects box. The nicest thing about the show is that it IS complete and there are a LOT of songs played (26 songs if you include "Endless Nameless").

08-30-92 97% Richfield Avenue (Reading Festival), Reading, United Kingdom
Complete Reading Festival 1992; Dumb; Europe 1992, Into The Black - Disc 4 - Reading Festival; The Last UK Show, Live At the Reading Festival 1991; Louder; Nirvana Reading 1992; Pissing in Action, Reading 8/30/92
best source: soundboard audio (incomplete) 60 min • A+ Missing "About A Girl," "tourette's," "Polly," "Lounge Act," "Blew," "Spank Thru," "Love Buzz," "The Money Will Roll Right In," "D-7," and "Star-Spangled Banner."

Remixed second broadcast from British FM radio. The vocals on "More Than A Feeling" are mostly mixed out.

All of the discs with the '92 Reading performance are incomplete. "The Last UK Show" contains the second FM broadcast which features an extra 2 songs that are left off of the first FM broadcast (all incomplete Reading '92 discs except for "The Last UK Show" are the first FM broadcast); "About A Girl" and "Blew". The additional two tracks are out of order. "Tourette's" from this show can be found on the Muddy Banks album.

Reading '92 is arguably the bands best ever performance. The setlist was long, featured rarities (though they don't appear on this disc), is filled with energy, and Kurt even talks to the audience! The band teases the audience and tells them it's their last show. At the start of the show Kurt was rolled onto the stage in a wheelchair wearing a wig and a gown... he feebly stood before the microphone and uttered the first two lines of "The Rose" before collapsing onto the stage. He was obviously mocking the press. For laughs, the band covers Boston's "More Than a Feeling" for a while before kicking into "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

There is also very early version of "All Apologies" which contains alternate lyrics. Kurt tells the crowd that "there have been some pretty extreme things written about us ( himself and Courtney)" and that Courtney felt like everyone hated her. He asks the crowd to say "Courtney we love you!" on the count of three... the crowd obliges and is treated to an early "All Apologies". Kurt spices up "Sliver" with some additional screaming in the lyrics. The early version of "Dumb" is just icing on a already magnificent show!

The only complete recording is the audience version which has mediocre sound quality.

09-11-92 97% Seattle Center Coliseum (Washington Music Industry Coalition Benefit), Seattle, WA
Banned For Life; Feedback Mentality
Source: DAT audience audio 85 min • A • Sony TCD-D3 / Sonic Studios

GREAT SHOW!!!! This disc sports the complete 9-11-92 show (almost 78 minutes) from a crisp, clear, digital audience recording. The set list is fantastic and includes a lot of early "In Utero" material (3 songs), Lounge Act, and the "More than a feeling" intro for "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

During the "demolition" Krist tells the audience "you guys can leave 'cause we're going to be up here for a while." You need to hear this one to appreciate it. This is one of the best performances ever captured on a commercial bootleg. This disc would have received a grade of 100% if it had been a soundboard recording. Some of the between-song banter has also been edited, however, it's impossible to detect unless you have the complete recording to compare "Banned For Life" with.

10-30-92 98% Estadio de Velez Sarsfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bang Tango; A Higher State Of Mind; Kurko; Out of Bloom
soundboard audio 85 min • A There are many different edits in circulation, some sourced from FM broadcasts and some sourced from the professional video.

This disc is GREAT. It's a nearly perfect soundboard recording... the only complaint is that it's a little quiet and the noise level changes in a couple of spots. This particular version of the show is a little more complete than KTS's "A Higher State of Mind." KTS cuts a few parts where Dave chants "No me gusta TECHNO!!" (Spanish translation = I don't like techno!) and performs a techno-type beat and makes techno noises (you'd have to hear it...). KTS also cuts a between song chat where Dave asks Krist if he wants to Tango.

The story behind this show is that the crowd was rude to "Calamity Jane," the bands guest opening act. The crowd had thrown rocks and bottles forcing "Calamity Jane" to leave the stage. The show started with a long feedback session (not available on any disc). The band screws up many of songs on purpose, including stopping "Smells Like Teen Spirit", 20 seconds into the song and refusing to play it the rest of the night to punish the crowd. Kurt is pissed, and dictates the direction of the show on a whim (he didn't use a standard set list). He screws around with the opening chords to let Dave and Krist know what he wants to play next... including a rare performance of Beeswax. Kurt sings the first verse of "Come As You Are" with hey,hey, hey,hey.. (a hey for every syllable). Dave and Krist get into the action also... Dave plays cymbals jokingly during Polly, and chants "A, E, O" over and over during his and Krist's solo. The entire bass solo is a joke, and the poor Argentinean audience doesn't sound like they know the band is playing with them. The sound is excellent and the show is one that you'll want listen to over and over again. Every collector needs to get a copy of this.

01/23/93 ?- Praça da Apoteose (Hollywood Rock Festival), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Soundcheck exists and has begun circulating. Quality unknown.

07-23-93 94% Roseland Ballroom (New Music Seminar), New York, NY
Heart-Shaped Box; I Hate Myself And I Want To Die; I Hate Myself And I Want To Die, I Love Myself And Want To Live; Make Me Sick; Shotgun Wedding

This is the infamous show where Kurt overdosed before the show and Courtney injected him with other drugs so he would be able to play. It's fairly nice show, that is unfortunately ruined by the mic cutting in and out at points. The sound problems are really bad at the beginning of "Serve The Servants" and you can not even hear the first verse of "Drain You." The recording is also incomplete. This version is missing the second half of "Aneurysm", (Some dummy thought it would be funny to edit it so it sounds like the band kicks straight from the "Aneurysm Intro" into "Very Ape" {Yes "Aneurysm" was played in its complete form. And I believe that this was the last time it was played live.} ) Blew, & "Territorial Pissings".

This was also the first time the band introduced an acoustic set to their set list. The crowd starts getting pretty rough during the acoustic set because they couldn't mosh to an acoustic "Something In The Way" :) If you pay attention, you can hear Courtney griping "They can do a f***ing acoustic set if they want!".

The one disc versions of this show sound better than the full version (Only found on "The Heart-Shaped Box Set Vol.2"). It's a lose/lose situation similar to the Reading 1992 recordings (the complete version is from an inferior source).

10-26-93 96% Mecca Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI
Beautiful Demise; Something In Milwaukee; Up In Smoke
source: 100 min • A • Sony TCD-D3 / Sonic Studios DSM-3

This disc would have to be the best recording of the 1993 US tour.... not necessarily the best set list, but easily the among the best any show recordings. This sound on this disc is utterly amazing and could be compared to "Roma." Kiss The Stone has released this show as "Up In Smoke," however, the KTS version lacks "Demolition" and doesn't have any of the cool SNL rehearsal filler (last 3 tracks). This is definitely a disc to pick up.

The sound is crystal clear and the band plays with a lot of enthusiasm and power. Nirvana seems a little restrained at first, but they quickly loosen up by about the third or fourth song.

There are a few problems with the recording. At some points in several songs, there's a feedback squeal, like the kind you hear when you put a microphone really close to an amp. It doesn't happen very often, but enough to be annoying. This is really a minor problem, though. Beautiful Demise has the best sound of any In Utero show i have heard, on par with Roma. And, unlike Roma, they sound like they're having fun. Kurt actually talks several times at this show, a rare treat indeed. This disc is a worthy addition to anyone's collection, amateur or professional, casual or compulsive.

11-10-93 ? Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA (not listed on Digital Nirvana)
source: DAT audience audio 95 min • A • Sony TCD-D3 / Sonic Studios DSM-13

During the noise at the end, Kurt briefly played the main riff of "You Know You're Right."

The show ended with Krist pouring Evian water on Kurt.

11-13-93 ? Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA (not listed on Digital Nirvana)
source: analog audience audio 100 min • A • Sony WM-D6 / Aiwa CM-30 (also exists an A- analog aud as well)

After "Blew," the band played what seems to be the same jam that was played at the end of the 11/07/93 show. Everett True came onstage to do vocals on "Do Nuts." At the end of the show, Kurt started repeatedly throwing his guitar(s) at the disco ball over the stage. He came close to getting hit by the falling guitar many times. He never did hit the disco ball. Krist finally grabbed Kurt and carried him off.

11-15-93 ? Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY (not listed on Digital Nirvana)
source: DAT audience audio 95 min • A • Sony TCD-D7 / Core Sound Binaural

Half Japanese joined the band onstage for a noisy jam on "I Wanna Be Your Dog." Jad Fair did the vocals through a distorted megaphone, Gilles-Vincent Rieder and Krist pounded on a floor tom, Dave wandered around with a bass that may or may not have been plugged in, Mark Jickling played Pat's guitar, and Kurt played the drums.

 11-18-93 100% MTV Unplugged Show (commerically available and excellent)

essential. Nuff said.

11-27-93 96-99% AT&T Amphitheater at Bayfront Park, Miami, FL
Across America; In The Shadows Of The Sun; Meltdown; A Message From Nirvana; Miami Blow
source: 100 min • A • Denon DTR-80P / Sonic Studios DSM-6

"What's wrong with you people in the back? Did you come here to see Gloria Estefan?" Terrific In Utero show!! If you've had an opportunity to listen to a lot of Nirvana shows, you know Kurt can go an entire show without saying much of anything.... Krist usually makes up for it. Kurt talks a little between several of the songs... nothing profound (unless you're interested in what type of cigarettes he smoked), but it's a nice change. If you're looking for a nice, high quality "In Utero" show this is a good one.

12-05-93 ? Fair Park Coliseum, Dallas, TX (not listed on Digital Nirvana)
DAT audience audio 100 min • A • Casio DA-R100 / Sonic Studios DSM-6
DAT audience audio 105 min • A- • Sony TCD-D7 / Sony ECM-155

12-10-93 95% Roy Wilkins Auditorium, St. Paul, MN

DAT audience audio 110 min • A- • Sony TCD-D7 / Core Sound Binaural also on Unleashed! (packaged with Sjtoriska Museet - Stockholm Sweden 06-30-92 )
DAT audience audio 105 min • A • Sony TCD-D3 / Sonic Studios DSM-3 (Has digital noise in the last few songs. ) (not on any official bootleg I believe)

This is a very solid double CD. The disc was mastered from a digital source and is very crisp and clear.. unfortunately there is crowd noise throughout. The crowd noise isn't too bad except for some of the quieter songs (i.e. Dumb and Polly). The Stockholm tracks are the real treat and include some nice rarities.

The 12-10-93 show is very common on all accounts. The band says very little and Krist even tells the crowd they would say more "but our tele-prompters are broken". Kurt also tells the audience that he has a new effects box. The nicest thing about the show is that it IS complete and there are a LOT of songs played (26 songs if you include "Endless Nameless").

12-13-93 95% Pier 48 (MTV Live And Loud), Seattle, WA
All Acoustically; Aqua Seafoam Shame; Come As You Are; Come As You Are, In Memoriam Kurt Cobain; In Scope; The Last American Concert; Legacy; Live 1994, Live And Loud; Live In Seattle '93; Morituri Salutant; Nipped In The Bud, No One Here Gets Out Alive (Morituri Salutant); Plugged & Unplugged; See You Soon, Shock Treatment
source: professional video 40 min • A

12-13-93 ? Rehearsal for MTV Live & Loud
semi-professional video (incomplete) 35 min • A Missing everything after "Pennyroyal Tea."

(All Acoustically) is a great disc (As with all the Kiss The Stone discs). It's very common (It contains two of the most commonly bootlegged Nirvana performances) and should be considered a classic. It belongs in every Nirvana collection.

The tracks were taken directly from the Mtv broadcasts, thus you are only getting the 12 tracks from unplugged and the 10 tracks from Live & Loud that were aired. These track's are different (and in my opinion better) then the official Unplugged release because they sound like they are supposed to. They weren't tweaked and remixed/remastered like the official release was. That being said, don't let the "directly from the Mtv broadcasts" fool you, I would even go as far as to say that this sounds good enough to be a official release. Awesome disc, great artwork. A MUST HAVE for any collection.

12-14-93 94% Salem Armory, Salem, OR
DAT audience audio 85 min • A • Denon DTR-80P / Sonic Studios DSM-6 Also available on the bootleg CD Psychout Induction.

This disc contains the complete December 14th, 1993 show (mislabeled as Feb 18th, 1994). Overall, this is a rather average "In Utero" tour performance. The sound quality is excellent for an audience recording, but nothing about the show stands out and it's not a disc you will listen to more than a few times.

12-31-93 96% Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA
The Last New Years Eve; New Years Eve (packaged with Hollywood Underground - Seattle, WA United States
12-28-88 )
DAT audience audio 110 min • A • Sony TCD-D7 / Nakamichi CM-300
DAT audience audio 110 min • A • Sony TCD-D7 / Core Sound Binaural .Also available on the bootleg CD New Year's Eve.

"New Years Eve" captures a long energetic performance by the band from a digital audience source. The sound is crisp and clear throughout with the only complaints being some occasional audience talk and low volume on a few of the quieter songs. There is quite a bit of interaction between the band and the audience during the performance, including a highlight where Kurt stops in the middle of "Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam" to laugh at an audience member "copping a feel" (someone was apparently "feeling up" his girlfriend)!! The whole band stops and laughs at the offending audience member.

The show is quite long and spans over both discs (25 songs in all). At the end of the performance, Kurt starts talking about how long it will be until the countdown "How long... 3 Minutes!!! We have to stall for 3 minutes???!!!!" Dave chimes in "I can do a drum solo" and he starts beating his bass drum while the crowd goes nuts. Shortly after Dave begins his solo, Kurt begins the countdown to the new year, afterwhich Kurt tells the audience "Happy New Year!" (if you have the video, you see Paulie Shore lowered to the stage in a cherub costume). It's a little sad to hear the band in such good spirits knowing that there were only 2 months of shows left.

The Last New Years Eve is also as good but edited to fit on one cd.

01-07-94 96-98% Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA.
Rape Me; Rape Me Again
100 min • A • Sony TCD-D3 / Sonic Studios

So Rape Me Again takes off where Rape Me leaves off. Unlike it's predecessor, Rape Me Again manages to give use the entire 1/7/94 performance ( Rape Me is incomplete) spread across two discs. The sound is a fabulous digital recording made from the audience that is every bit as good as any other 1/7/94 source that is circulating.

This is the second to last US performance for the band. There is some stage banter and Kurt tells the audience that they are taking a cigarette break after playing Territorial Pissings, after which he dedicates Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam to Frank Zappa who passed away a month before this concert date. The show is one of the better "In Utero" performances and lasts for nearly 100 minutes!

01-08-94 95%?? Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA.
Into The Black 5&6 (with other material)
source: 105 min • A • Sony TCD-D7 / Sonic Studios (also exists a 105 min • A • unknown / Sonic Studios DSM-6 and 100 min • A- • Sony WM-D3 / Sony -Has some cuts between songs. )

The show that is split between the discs in only available in this box set. It's an excellent recording from an open mic source. The crowd can be heard, but doesn't interfere too badly. The set list, while long, doesn't contain any rare performances. The band appears to be "on" and is more lively than usual. It's nice to have a complete show, especially hearing the band play before it's "home crowd."

02-14-94 95?% Le Zénith, Paris, France
DAT audience audio 95 min • A • Sony TCD-D7 / Aiwa CM-30A (Also available on bootleg CD release A Season In Hell Vol. 2. )
DAT audience audio 95 min • A (Also available on the bootleg CD Come As You Are, but missing "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter," "Lounge Act," "Rape Me," "The Man Who Sold The World," and "Where Did You Sleep Last Night." )

This disc is indeed representative of what most In Utero shows have to offer. Although there is relatively little audience interaction, Krist manages to conjure up a few funny moments, such as suggesting a connection between the venue name and Zenith televisions.

Aside from the fact that this can be considered a typical In Utero show, it is complete and unedited (the last four tracks are found on the Season in Hell companion Part 2 Disc 2). The sound quality of this audience recording is outstanding and serves as the primary basis for the rating. The signal is well balanced and crisp, and there is very little audience interference.

Other positives of the show include an energetic Lounge Act and a better than usual rendition of The Man Who Sold the World. Overall, this disc is solid in every aspect and the band puts on an enthusiastic performance.

02-16-94 96% Salle Omnisport, Rennes, France

Bang! You're Dead!; Cracker; Va Te Faire Enculer

This is the same 2cd set as Va Te Faire Enculer right down to the disc matrix... But the question is which came first? I would have to say Cracker due to the matrix found on both discs matching the label on Cracker.

Below is the review for Va Te Faire Enculer. After listening to this performance, it's hard to believe the band had so little life left in it. The 2-16-94 is arguable the best performance of the In Utero tour. Va Te Faire Enculer (which would be *'ed out if the title was in English) captures the show with a clear professional audience recording. There is some crowd noise throughout, but the show is still very listenable.

Notable things about the show include a rare one-time performance of the Knack's My Sharona at the end of Radio Friendly Unit Shifter. The band jams on the main riff of My Sharona several times during the show. The Sappy from this show is frequently said to be the best version ever... people probably like it because it sounds the most like the No Alternative version. Sappy was being played in 1989 and had undergone transformations throughout the life of the song. Lounge Act is also played, and is always a treat (Kurt blows the lyrics, but it's still great).

The most appealing thing about this double CD is the liveliness of the band. Kurt makes several comments to the audience, calling Rennes "Ren and Stimpy land", telling them "We were in Paris the other night and they were a much better audience"... only later to tell them that they were the better audience. Krist and Kurt also comment about the back area of the audience being the "pot smokers section."

This double CD set is highly recommended if you find audience recording acceptable. In Utero shows don't get much better than this.

02-22-94 100% Palaghiaccio, Rome, Italy
American Electric Tour; Bang! You're Dead!; Coma; The Concerts In Italy; Dark Emotion

Europe 1994; The Final Fix; Heart Shaped Rome; Kurts Grand Finale; Last Concert In Italy, The Last Cry; The Last Goodbye; Plugged; Roma; Throw Them To The Lions!, Tour Over Europe 1994;
80 min • A+ Also available on the bootleg CD XXII II MCMXCIV.

All clones are made from XXII II MCMXCIV or ROMA with the exception of the ones with a mixed up setlist. "The Man Who Sold The World" is taken from the 11/17/93 New York Unplugged show. This is a show that is very common and sounds good enough to be an official release.

In a recent conversation in the Nirvana Collectors' forum, the sound quality of this disc was determined to be slightly better than that of Roma. For this reason, "XXII II MCMXCIV" receives a grade of 100% while Roma gets 99% (one point subtraction). This is the best disc to get the highest quality complete version of 2-22-94.

This is a bootleg classic, if there is such a thing. This is an FM broadcast quality recording. The band isn't very energetic, and the performance suffers (especially when compared to shows played a week earlier in France).

02-25-94 97% Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy
Concert In Milan 25/2/94; The Concerts In Italy; Final Solution, The Final Strike - Last Kurtain In Milan; Psychout Induction; Suicide Solution?
Source: 80 min • A • Sony TCD-D3 / Sonic Studios

(Suicide Solution? )Extraordinary!!!!! A must have!! Nirvana's last ever complete show. How did Kobra get ahold of this? They are well known for all their fake Outcesticides, but this is awesome! This is the last time many of these songs were played live, not to mention its an excellent brilliantly clear audience recording. Too bad "Lounge Act" and "Milk It" were left out of the set... they did play Frances Farmer... and most likely (in my opinion) the best ever live version of Sappy. If you can find this, I highly recommend getting it.

This is the recording of the last complete show that NIRVANA ever did. After this gig, they played only one more time at the "Terminal Eins" in Munich, Germany, on March 2 nd , but they were forced to left the stage after a few songs 'cause Kurt lost his voice halfway through the performance.

After "Sliver," the band jammed on Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper."

Several other versions of this show exist and with many in far worse audio shape. Multiple aud video exists as well.