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A Guide to Oasis Live Recordings

Sources: etree, lot of traders and info listed here, but not always accurate. Best summary of all things Oasis. Nice collection, good summary. Good collection Nice layout, great collection. By names with setlists (italian) Also by name, setlist, and with cover art. Also by name, with setlists, grades, and covers. lots and lots of artwork.
Panic is on the Way
Liam's Tambourine
Solo album

Keep in mind………….

Lots of early recordings came from silver-pressed bootlegs that were sold and often contained incomplete shows and had individual names. This does make it a little bit harder to create a discography for all the top recordings available. I will organize mine by date but feel free to look up bootlegs by name at several of the sites above for more information such as grades, setlists, and dates. Dates are European (day,month…).

Grades in Blue are from Oasis-Live site.
Grades in
Red are from Where did it all go Wrong
Grades in Pink are from Standing on the Booltegs of Giants and are out of 5 stars

First Oasis demo recorded at Real People's studio and more Rags to riches
Manchester Boardwalk 12.92 & 1993 Under the Boardwalk

Definitely Maybe Tour
24.03.94 100 Club
100Years Ago A- A- Aud
21.08.94 The Borderline Club, London : Aud
A A+
02.09.94 Gino's, Stockholm, Sweden Live at the Gino '94 (DAT SOURCE) A- AUD
26.09.94 ·Bottom of the hill, San Francisco, CA, EEUU Bottom of the hill
B+ (DAT is best) 4
29.09.94 ·Whiskey a GoGo, Hollywood, CA, EEUU Crashlanding in LA
B+ AUD A+ SBD 5!
14.10.94 Minneapolis, Usa : Aud
15.10.94 Chicago, Usa : Sbd
A+ A+
29.10.94 ·Wetlands, Nueva York, EEUU New York City A+ 5! SBD
02.11.94 Paris, France Top Live '94 Complete NEW DAT SOURCE A+
04.11.94 ·La Cigale, París, Francia + DM demos Paris '94 & demos NEW FM DAT SOURCE A A+ 4
15.11.94 ·Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, EEUU Supersonic 5! Promo
11.12.94 Wolverhampton, UK : Sbd
A A+
18.12.94 ·Manchester Academy, Manchester, Inglaterra, RU Homedown Showdown
A+ A 4 Aud?
29.01.95 ·Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Canadá Listen up A A+ 4 Promo
17.04.95 Cliffs Pavillion, UK
A+ Official- Live by the Sea A
22.04.95 Sheffield Arena, UK
A Another Place to Pray A AUD

Morning Glory Tour

23.06.95 ·Somerset, Glastonbury Festival, Inglaterra, RU Radio Supernova
5! A+ Glastonbury Glory A FM
02.10.95 ·Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, Inglatera, RU More mancunians 4 B++ A-
14.10.95 ·The Orpheum, Boston, MA, EEUU The Orpheum
4 A Boston Night A+ sbd/Fm?
04.11.95 Earls Court, UK : Sbd A A Sbd
05.11.95 Earls Court, UK : Sbd
A+ A Sbd
20.11.95 Stockholm, Sweden : Aud A A
13.12.95 Toronto, Canada : Aud A ??
10.01.96 Utrecht, Holland : A SBD A+
01.03.96 Milwaukee, Usa :
A AUD A tv
07.03.96 ·Patriot Centre, Fairfax, Virginia, EEUU Made in America
4 A+ A+ SBD
23.03.96 ·The Point, Dublin, Irlanda Live at the Point, Dublin 96
27.03.96 ·Olympia Hall, Munich, Alemania Wonderhall 4 A- A- AUD
27.04.96 ·Maine Road Football Ground, Manchester, Inglaterra, Maine Road
4 ?? A SBD
28.04.96 ·Maine Road Football Ground, Manchester, Inglaterra, Maine Road Second Night 4 A A+ SBD
10.08.96 ·Knebworth Park, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Inglaterra, All the people
4 ?? A AUD
11.08.96 ·Knebworth Park, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Inglaterra, 250000 fans can't be wrong
5!, Knebworth Supernova 5! A A+ SBD
15.08.96 ·Pairch Ui Chaoimh, Cork, Irlanda and more Cork 1996 2nd night 4 A- B+ A- AUD
23.08.96 ·MTV Unplugged, Royal Festival Hall, Londres, Inglaterra, RU MTV Unplugged
5, A A+ SBD MTV Unplugged & more 4
27.08.96 ·Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL, EEUU Chicago Liam-less Show
5! A- B+ A- AUD

Be Hear Now Tour
18.06.97 ·Oakland Colisseum, Oakland, CA, EEUU Supporting U2
4 A ??Dat
19.06.97 California, Usa : Aud A ?? DAT
09.09.97 ·Stockholm Globe Arena, Estocolmo, Suecia and more Entertaining Stockholm 96-97
4 A B+A- Aud
10.09.97 ·The Kopenhägen Dome, Copenhague, Dinamarca and more Not much cop
4 A B+A- Aud
|14.09.97 ·Westpoint Arena, Exeter, Inglaterra, RU and more Spreading the word
4 A B+A- Aud
22.09.97 Sheffield Arena, UK :
A A- Aud
23.09.97 Sheffield Arena, UK :
A B+A- Aud
27.09.97 Earls Court, UK :
A B+A- Aud
08.10.97 ·Hammerstein Ballroom, Nueva York, NY, EEUU and more Magic apple pie
4 A+ A FM
10.11.97 ·Palacio de la Comunidad, Madrid, España World famous
4 B+A- Aud
16.11.97 Milan, Italy : Aud
A A-? Aud
19.11.97 Munich, Germany : Sbd
A+ A-
27.11.97 ·Brabanthalle, Den Bosh, Holanda Here now
5! A+ A FM?
05.12.97 ·The Point, Dublin, Irlanda Noel gets to The Point
5! A+ A FM
14.12.97 ·G-Mex Centre, Manchester, Inglaterra, RU, and more Back where we belong
5! A+ A
16.12.97 Wembley Arena, London : Aud A+ A? rare dat
08.01.98 Philadelphia, Usa : Aud A Philadelphia '98 new DAT source A?
17.01.98 ·Rosemont Horizont, Chicago, IL, EEUU Live at Chicago 17.1.98
28.01.98 Los Angeles , Usa : Aud
A+ Breakfast with Noel B+A-
20.02.98 ·Budokan, Tokyo, Japón and more 3 nights in a Judo Arena
4 A+SBD A several ver
03.03.98 Sydney, Australia : Aud
A A-
14.03.98 Apoquindo Stadium, Chile : Sbd
A FM ?
18.03.98 Buenos Aries, Argentina : Sbd

Shoulder of Giants Tour
20/01/00 Radio 1 Session : A+Sbd ??
01/02/00 London Studios, (Jools Holland) :
29.02.00 ·Yokohama Arena, Tokyo, Japón Kick off
4 A-Aud ??
01.03.00 ·Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, Japón My generation 4 A-Aud ??
05.03.00 Yokohama, Japan A+Sbd
14.03.00 ·Green Arena, Hiroshima, Japón Live get it together 4 A Aud 00M Sbd A?
23.03.00 Brussels, Belgium A Sbd Sbd/Aud A?
25.03.00 ·E-Werk Centre, Colonia, Alemania Where did it all go wrong?! 4 A-Aud A? Sbd
01.04.00 ·Jools Holland, BBC Studios, Londres, Inglaterra, RU The new Oasis!
01.05.00 ·Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, EEUU New York Radio City Music Hall
4 A+Aud
30.05.00 ·Filaforum, Milan, Italia Milano Live
4 A- Sbd Aud??
02.06.00 ·Wienner Stadthalle, Viena, Austria We don't need each other
4 A Aud
10.06.00 ·Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Holanda Pinkpop 10.6.00
4 A+ Sbd
11.06.00 ·Rock Im Park Festival, Nürmberg, Alemania Rock Im Park 2000 4 A Aud A? incomplete?
15.06.00 ·Hulstred Festival, Hulstred, Suecia Hulstred 2000
4 A Sbd
19.06.00 ·Le Dome, Marsella, Francia Le Dome Live
4 A+ Sbd A Sbd, rare
21.07.00 ·Wembley Stadium, Londres, Inglaterra
. RU Official release Familiar to millions 5!
22.07.00 ·Wembley Stadium, Londres, Inglaterra. RU Rock'n'roll will never die
5! A Sbd
29.07.00 ·Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgo, Escocia Murrayfield Stadium
4 A- Aud
23.08.00 ·Plaza de Toros, Festival de Gijón, España Gijón 2000
4 A- Aud
25.08.00 ·Reading Festival, Reading, Inglaterra, RU Live at the Reading Festival
4 A- Aud
28.08.00 ·Leeds Festival, Leeds, Inglaterra No more giants
4 A Aud
14.01.01 ·Rock in Rio Festival 2001, Río de Janeiro, Brasil Rock in Rio 2001

Brother Love Tour
17.5.01 ·Fiddler's Green, Denver, CO, EEUU It's Oasis, Oasis

Good Compilations

·Acoustic versions and demos until 1996 Another story
·TV broadcasts, radio ones and a soundcheck in 1995 Backstage now
·Oasis appearances in 1994 Black on white
·Oasis rarities in radios, tv and sessions until 1996 First footing '96
··Tibetan Freedom Concert and acoustic sessions in Japan Free Tibet
··Noel's demos to 'Standing on the shoulder of giants' Noel Gallagher's Giant Demos
··Gig in Cabo Hall, Detroit, 5.12.99 and more Only the strongest will survive
·Acoustic sessions played live, in radios... until 1995 The acoustic sessions