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A Guide to Live Recordings

I have created lists of some of my favorite artists so that myself and others have a checklist on which to get the best recordings available without fumbling through a lot of lesser recordings or over-graded shows. Most of this information is recycled from other bootleg expert sites and should show the source links where such info was found. Most of these shows I don't have myself yet. I hope quoting information won't cause much duress to any of the websites involved as this site will be very minimalistic, not very graphics heavy, and should be edited differently than the home website.

While I hope this info is accurate, it is always possible for unknown quality sources not to have spread publically as well as quality sources to have degenerated through multiple copies and inferior formats and transfers. Also keep in mind that these lists won't generally satisfy completists who may be quite fine with B range audience recordings and with any show that they can locate from their favorite band.

Use this list as a guide, feel free to print pages out, and feel free to offer feedback on any oversites or mistakes listed. These pages should work great as checklists so you can find the best sources without spending hours tabulating information or getting second rate recordings. I've included links to further information for further explanation as well.

Happy hunting………

The bands (so far)

Black Rebel Motorycle Club
The Cure
The Doves
Joy Division
The Libertines
New Order
Sigur Ros
Stone Roses
The Strokes
The Smiths
The Vines
Yeah Yeah Yeah's